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And in the morning by John Wilson

Jim Hay is fifteen, thinks war is a  glorious adventure and cannot wait for this turn to fight. But as his father boldly marches off to battle in August 1914, Jim must be content to record his thoughts and dreams in his journal.

Gradually, however, Jim’s simple life begins to unravel. His father is killed in action, his mother suffers a breakdown and when he does at last join up, it is as much to find a refuge as it is to seek glory.

What Jim discovers in the trenches of France is enough to dispel any romantic view of the war. And while his longing for adventure is replaced by a basic need to survive, the final tragic outcome is one he never dreamed of.

John Wilson’s book And in the Morning is definitely for older readers. The hero is an older teenager who gets involved in
World War I. The violence is sometimes personal, and the things young Jim Hay sees are sometimes horrifying.


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