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Sugar Sugar by Carole Wilkinson

This is Carole Wilkinson’s first novel for young adults, many may have read her best-selling and award-winning Dragonkeeper and Ramose series.


Jackie has left Australia with a psychedelic suitcase and a dream to become a world-famous fashion designer. She knows exactly where she’s going and how she’s going to get there. So how does a weekend in Paris send her spinning off course? How does she end up somewhere she couldn’t find on a map?

It’s the 1970s and it seems like half the Western world under 30 is hitch-hiking to the East in search of enlightenment, adventure or cheap hashish. Jackie isn’t one of them. The only thing she’s looking for is her lost fashion folio which is the key to her dream of becoming a famous fashion designer. But she stumbles onto the well-worn hippy trail and soon her life is heading in a new direction – in more ways than one.


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