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Pandora Jones Admission by Barry Jonsberg

Pandora Jones wakes in a changed world at The School – a sanctuary for survivors of a plague pandemic. Haunted by terrible dreams, surrounded by traumatic events, Pandora must trust her instincts if she is to stay safe. And her instincts suggest that The School is hiding secrets.

This is the first book in a brilliant Young Adult series by a multi-award winning author Barry Jonsberg.



Pandora Jones wakes in an infirmary – her body weak, her memory providing only flashes of horrific scenes of death. She soon discovers that her family has succumbed to a plague pandemic which almost wiped out humanity. Pan is one of the survivors who have been admitted to The School – a quarantined, heavily guarded survival-skills facility – to recover their strength, hone their skills and prepare for whatever comes next. Pandora’s skill is intuition, but how useful will it be outside the secure walls of The School? And what if it leads her to question where the truth lies…

Here is what Eugenia (Good Reads review) had to say about this book:

I would definitely recommend Pandora Jones Admission to anyone wanting to read a book that will keep you guessing right until the end, bursting with suspense. Beware – this is an addicting read, and even the answers you do find may leave you with more questions than you began with.






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The Bridge by Jack Higgins

Winner of the 2010 Text Prize for Young Adult and Children’s Writing

The City is divided. The bridges gated.
In Southside, the hostiles live in squalor and desperation, waiting for a
chance to overrun the residents of Cityside.

 Nik is still in high school but
destined for a great career with the Internal Security and Intelligence
Services, the brains behind the war. But when ISIS comes recruiting, everyone
is shocked when he isn’t chosen. There must be an explanation, but no one will
talk about it.

 Then the school is bombed and the
hostiles take the bridges. Buildings are burning, kids are dead, and the
hostiles have kidnapped Sol. Now ISIS is hunting for Nik.

But Nik is on the run, with Sol’s
sister Fyffe and ISIS hot on their trail. They cross the bridge in search of
Sol, and Nik finds answers to questions he’d never dared to ask.

 “The Bridge is a gritty
adventure set in a future world where fear of outsiders pervades everything. A
heart-stopping novel about friendship, identity and courage from an exciting
new voice in young-adult fiction. “

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