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The Sound of Gravity by Joe Simpson

As her hand slips form his grip, Patrick’s life is shattered, forever changed……..

Joe Simpson is mostly known for his non-fiction work Touching the Void. This classic piece of mountaineering writing recounts the tale of the former mountaineer and his struggle to survive after falling into a crevasse on a mountain in the Peruvian Andes.

Simpson’s most recent novel, The Sound of Gravity is a work of fiction and again is set in a mountainous environment. This novel tells the tale of Patrick and his wife, a mountaineering trip gone wrong and of love, loss, regret and survival. One chilling event on a stormbound mountain completely alters Patrick’s world and 25 years later, we join him, manning the warden hut at the foot of the very same mountain that changed his life forever. After a lifetime of grief and guilt, Patrick is eventually freed from his self-imposed vigil, when an all too familiar event forces him to release his heart-rending secret. Review by Emma Dalby,  BookGeeks

The Sound of Gravity is a harrowing, dramatic and powerful tale of how a haunting spilt-second memory can change the course of a lifetime – a novel of love, loss and redemption.


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