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Kate by Kevin Burgemeestre

This is a story of growth and mistakes. Kate’s lucky to find Wilde, a battered, heroic hound she rescues from the street, and Mal a trouble young man with a dark pat. when things go really wrong they’ll need each other and they’ll have to run!

Relationships are important. Kate is struggling to deal with her best friend leaving, and trying to deal with a school bully and with the death of her mother. She believes that life is hard. Then a chance encounter with a battered, heroic hound she rescues from the streets, and Mal, a troubled young man with a dark past, leads Kate into more danger and excitement than she could have wished for. Her ‘mentor’ is the artist Frida Kahlo, best known for her self portraits whom Kate uses as a reference for how she might act.

She wonders about her unusual friendship with this damaged young man, but when things go really wrong, they’ll need each other and they’ll have to run!



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