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The Holocaust

If you found Night by Elle Wiesel interesting and wanted to read other books similar to this then try one of the following:

ACK  The Zookeeper’s Wife                                                                                                        

BAR  The Boy Who Dared:                                                                           

BOY  The Boy in the Stripped Pyjamas                                                   

CRO  Auschwitz (graphic novel)                                                

DIA  Day after Night                                                                                       

GLA Emil and Karl                                                                                            

GLE  Once                                                                                                           

GLE  Then                                                                                                           

KAN  Adam Resurrected                                                                              

JAC  Elli: coming of age in the Holocaust                                

KEN  Schindler’s Ark                                                                                       

KEN  Schindler’s Lost                                                                                     

VAN  Erika’s story (picture story)                                                             

ZAB  Cafe Scheherazade                                                                              

ZUS  The Book Thief 

Featured Review: The Book Thiefbookthief1

The Book Thief is narrated by Death, but revolves around 9-year-old Liesel Meminger who loses her family in Germany during World War II. At her brother’s funeral, she steals a book from one of the gravediggers. Once she arrives at the home of her new foster family, she’s taught to read from that book, and sets about gathering more books. She saves books from book burnings and steals them one at a time from the mayor’s wife’s library. Books are the conduit for growing closeness to her new family, and when a Jewish man is hidden in their basement, books form his relationship with Liesel too. Death, though, continues to gather souls, and he still has his eye on Liesel. Markus Zusak’s novel has received mostly positive reviews with the Cleveland Plain Dealer saying, “In the end, Zusak’s story is about words, the power we give them and the magic they carry in their own right. The Book Thief is both gripping and touching, a work that kept me up late into the night feverishly reading the last 300 pages.”



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