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The Honey Thief by Najaf Mazari & Robert Hillman

From the authors of the bestseller The Rugmaker of Mazar-e-Sharif comes their latest book, The Honey Thief. A superb collection of spellbinding tales from Afghanistan that portray a vivid landscape of hardship and brotherhood, catastrophes and miracles. These tales of peasants, poisoners and kings leap into life to reveal the rich storytelling traditions of Afghanistan

The beekeeper said to the boy: “Abbas, I have a question for you. The question is this: can a bee catch a cold?”
Abbas smiled. “Can a bee catch a cold? No. It is impossible, Sir.”
“It is not impossible. A bee can catch a cold.”
“How do you know?”
“I have seen a bee sneezing.”
“No!” said Abbas. Then before he could stop himself, he said, “God will punish you for telling lies!”
Ahmad Hussein laughed. He was teasing Abbas, but when a boy was as full of sorrow as this one, perhaps teasing could help.

The mystery and wonder of Afghanistan comes to life in these tales of men who converse with bees and bears; of horseshoe bats in flights that blot out the sun, and of blackbirds that bring golden apples to earth from heaven. The sorrow of this extraordinary land is here too in the story of Abdul Kaliq, the king-killer, who ends his life on a scaffold in Kabul, and of Majid the Madman who turns to music for solace when his children die of plague. Other tales tell of an aged wolf who proves to a shepherd boy that he is the most intelligent creature on earth; of Proud Nadia, courted with a copy of Huckleberry Finn; and of the master poisoner Nightfall, who creates a cookbook of enchantments. Whether the tale is of wolves or wizards, The Honey Thief conveys in writing of surprising tenderness what it is like to grow up in a land of bloodshed and brotherhood, of miracles and catastrophes. 


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The wilful eye: Tales from the Tower Volume One

Six of the world’s most exciting and best-loved writers have chosen fairytales as inspiration for this spellbinding and subversive short-story collection.

Six writers – Margo Lanagan, Rosie Borella, Isobelle Carmody, Richard Harland, Margaret Mahy and Martine Murray – have taken inspiration from stories that have shaped us all, tales like ‘Beauty and the Beast,’ ‘The Steadfast Tin Soldier’ and ‘The Snow Queen’. This collection carries universal themes of envy and desire, deception and abandonment, courage and sacrifice.
Characters are enchanted, they transgress, they yearn, they hunger, they hate and, sometimes, they kill.
Some of the stories inhabit a traditional fairytale world, while others are set in the distant future. Some are set in the present and some in an alternative present. The stories offer no prescription for living or moral advice and none belong in a nursery.
Open the covers and submit to their enchantment.

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Yellowcake by Margo Lanagan

Short Stories

This is a collection of ten richly imaginative short stories. Margo Lanagan transfigures Greek myths, bible stories and fairytales: conjures the creepy and surreal out of ordinary domesticity; plunges the reader into stark apocalyptic landscapes and gentle homelike places.

Yellowcake is ten fiercely original and quietly heartbreaking short stories from the extraordinarily talented and highly-awarded Australian author of Black Juice, Red Spikes and Tender Morsels.

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