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Wonder Woman: Odyssey, Volume 1 by J Michael Straczyniski

Wonder Woman: Odyssey Volume 1 Tops New York Times Hardcover Graphic Books Best Sellers List

Wonder Woman gets a bold new costume in this start to bestselling writer J. Michael Straczynski.  In the graphic novel gone is the star-spangled superwoman whose campaign for peace and justice has made her an icon to women around the world. In her place stands a younger, edgier woman of wonder, alone against sinister enemies that destroyed her home in Paradise when she was just a baby.

Due to mysterious circumstances, Diana must track down the truth behind what’s happened to her timeline and face the biggest stunner of all: Who destroyed Paradise Island?If you think you knew who Wonder Woman was – think again! All bets are off in this all-new direction for the long-running series that’s perfect for new readers as Wonder Woman embarks on an odyssey to find her past and gets a new costume, a new set of foes, and a new tone from the ground up. Review by Good Reads


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Velocity by Steve Worland

Do you love reading Matthew Reilly books? Are you looking for a book that will leave you on the edge of your seat and has more thrills than a Mission Impossible movie. Then Velocity is the book for you!

The MAN – an astronaut who has lost his mojo.

The MISSION – to seek and destroy a hijacked space shuttle.

The CARGO – enough weapons grade Uranium-235 to irradiate Manhattan.

The STAKES – the woman he loves and the fate of a city.

Strap in for the ride of your life as Velocity blasts off at mach speed. From NASA’s Cape Canaveral to the Central Australian desert, screenwriter Steve Worland’s debut thriller sets a heart-stopping pace.

A cast of brilliant characters combined with explosive action make this hugely enjoyable novel a genuine blockbuster.

Watch the book trailer:

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QR Codes – What are they?

Have you heard of QR codes yet? 

They look like this:

They come to us from Japan where they are very common. QR is short for Quick Response (they can be read quickly by a smart phone or ipad). They are used to take a piece of information from a transitory media and put it in to your smart phone. You may see QR Codes in a magazine advert, on a billboard, a web page or even on a shop window. Once it is in your smart phone, it may give you details about that business, or details about events, show you a URL which you can click to see a trailer for a movie.

In the Library you may find QR codes inside the back cover of some of our books. These will link you to a URL that provides additional information about the book,  or maybe the author’s website, or a book trailer. 

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Quintana of Charyn (Book Three of the Lumatere Chronicles) by Melina Marchetta

There’s a babe in my belly that whispers the valley, Froi. I follow the whispers and come to the road . . . 

From internationally best-selling and multi-award-winning author Melina Marchetta comes the unforgettable final book in the Lumatere Chronicles.

Separated from the girl he loves and has sworn to protect, Froi must travel through Charyn to search for Quintana, the mother of Charyn’s unborn king, and protect her against those who will do anything to gain power. But what happens when loyalty to family and country conflict? When the forces marshalled in Charyn’s war gather and threaten to involve the whole of the land, including Lumatere, only Froi can set things right, with the help of those he loves.

‘A story of both the harm that people can inflict, and the healing . . . .It is about hope, but the hope that is earned by blood and tears, the hope that is willed into being because of a desire that life should be better than what it is . . . Lest this sound too emotional, too romantic, rest assured it is also action packed.’ School Library Journal

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