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Factotum: Monster Blood Tattoo, Book Three



Factotum is the eagerly awaited third and final volume in the Monster Blood Tattoo series by D. M. Cornish. This is a gripping fantasy adventure with larger-than-life characters and a world mapped in fascinating detail.

Spirited away from Winstermill by the aristocratic monsterslayer, Europe, Rossamünd is still struggling with the truth of his origins. But self-doubt will have to wait as he plunges headlong into the fulgar’s day-to-day life of political manoeuvring, high society, and well-paid monster-hunting. Exposed to the seamier side of Brandenbrass society, Rossamünd finds himself facing the gravest dangers in his young life, and these will test his mettle and that of the Branden Rose in the ultimate battle against their enemies, the black-hearted schemers who would destroy them both.

Need to be reminded of the first two books in the Monster Blood Tattoo trilogy. They are Foundling: Book One and Lamplighter: Book 2



Visit the website to find out more about the books and author


October 20, 2010 - Posted by | Fantasy, Great series

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