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What’s your favourite book?

It’s a very simple question and one that will provide us with many different answers but we would love to find out what your favourite book is !

It may be your favourite book from your childhood, or a book that you never get tired of reading over and over again. Just tell us the name of the book and a couple of short sentences as to why you love this book.

Sue’s favourite book is one from her childhood, The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett. This book brought to life the wonderful images of Mary discovering the secret garden for the first time and then bringing the garden back to life was captivating as a young girl.

Carol’s favourite book is the first fromThe Outlander series, Cross Stitch by Diana Gabaldon, but the whole series is wonderful. The books take you away into another world and the setting is Scotland – a favourite place.

Deb’s favourite books are Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austin and People of the Book by Geraldine Brooks. Family folklore had it that Jane Austen was a family member so of course her books took on particular significance, and People of the Book is about an important historical book rescued from the Sarajevo library. Perfect.



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Factotum: Monster Blood Tattoo, Book Three



Factotum is the eagerly awaited third and final volume in the Monster Blood Tattoo series by D. M. Cornish. This is a gripping fantasy adventure with larger-than-life characters and a world mapped in fascinating detail.

Spirited away from Winstermill by the aristocratic monsterslayer, Europe, Rossamünd is still struggling with the truth of his origins. But self-doubt will have to wait as he plunges headlong into the fulgar’s day-to-day life of political manoeuvring, high society, and well-paid monster-hunting. Exposed to the seamier side of Brandenbrass society, Rossamünd finds himself facing the gravest dangers in his young life, and these will test his mettle and that of the Branden Rose in the ultimate battle against their enemies, the black-hearted schemers who would destroy them both.

Need to be reminded of the first two books in the Monster Blood Tattoo trilogy. They are Foundling: Book One and Lamplighter: Book 2



Visit the website to find out more about the books and author


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Mice by Gordon Reece

Mice is a page turning electrifying suspense thriller with a moral twist that invites readers to question what is right and wrong and how they might react in extreme situations.


Even the meekest of mice have their breaking point…This provocative thriller will have you asking: What would you do if you were pushed to the limit?

‘Shelley, darling,’ Mum said. ‘Don’t be frightened. He just wants money. If we do everything he says, he’s going to go away and leave us alone.’ I didn’t believe her, and I could tell from the trembling of her hands and the catch in her voice that she didn’t believe it herself. When a cat gets into the mousehole, it doesn’t go away leaving the mice unharmed. I knew how this story was going to end.

Shelley and her mum have been bullied long enough. When they retreat to an isolated cottage in the country, they think their troubles are over, and they revel in their cosy, secure life. But one night, an intruder disturbs their peace and something inside Shelley snaps. What happens next will shatter all their certainties.

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The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown


Fans of The Da Vinci Code and Angels & Demons will enjoy reading The Lost Symbol, the latest action packed mystery thriller by Dan Brown.

This time renowned Harvard symbologist Robert Langdon is summoned to Washington, DC by his good friend and mentor, Peter Solomon to give a lecture in the Capitol Building. He is wrong. Within minutes of his arrival, a shocking object is discovered.  It is a gruesome invitation into an ancient world of hidden wisdom.

When Peter Solomon – a prominent mason and philanthropist is kidnapped, Langdon realises that his only hope of saving his friend’s life is to accept this mysterious summons. It will take him on a breathless chase through many of Washington’s famous landmark buildings.  All that was familiar is changed into a shadowy, mythical world in which Masonic secrets are revealed and lead Langdon to a single impossible and inconceivable truth…

Again this is a race against time thriller that will be enjoyed by those who love a great mystery!

If you would like to find out more visit Dan Brown’s website http://www.danbrown.com/

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