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When Courage Came to Call by L. M. Fuge

courage vers 7:Layout 1

Non-stop thrilling action is balanced against the heartbreaking reality of war in this intense and gripping novel

 Everything changed when the first bomb fell. Now there is the Resistance. Now there are the rules. RULE ONE. We do our work under the cover of darkness. RULE TWO. If you trust me, I will trust you. RULE THREE. We work for the good and safety of Zamascus. This will include killing. Imm is about to find out if he has what it takes to survive – and what it will cost him.

Anyone who has read John Marsden’s “Tomorrow When the War Began” series will also be drawn to WHEN COURAGE CAME TO CALL. These stories are about young people in situations that call for them to find strengths and skills they didn’t know they had, particularly given there are no adults around to protect and help them. Sixteen-year-old author LM Fuge has developed characters that will appeal to the young adult market; characters who at first despair, then rise to the challenge and overcome amazing obstacles. As James Patterson says (on the jacket), it is a fast and thrilling ride.

Review by Australian Bookseller


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