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A Girl Like Me by Penny Matthews


It is Wuthering Heights set in the Mallee based on a real murder!

Set in rural Australia in the early 1900s, this is first a coming-of-age story about a well-bred young woman, Emily, exploring the risky world of adult relationships. Her main source of ‘proper’ information is Mary Wood Allen’s What a Young Woman Ought to Know.

A quote from this excellent publication introduces every chapter, illuminating the perplexing tension between Emily’s upbringing and all she is learning from Bertha her family’s new home help. But it is also a book about writing. Emily, inspired by her love of Wuthering Heights, has set out to write a romantic novel of her own, but the passions and dramas of life in a small country community eclipse her wildest imagination.

Based round the true story of the murder of a young woman in Towitt, South Australia in 1901, this wonderful novel is also a gripping mystery. I really loved it; it is so rich in ideas, in sense of place, and in psychological exploration. Recommended to anyone over 13, young readers and adults alike.

Review by Kathy Kozlowksi, Readings Carlton


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