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Patrick Ness’ Science Fiction

the knife of never letting go

The Knife of Never Letting Go

Todd Hewitt is the last boy in Prentisstown.

But Prentisstown isn’t like other towns. Everyone can hear everyone else’s thoughts in a constant, overwhelming, never-ending Noise. There is no privacy. There are no secrets.

Or are there?

Just one month away from the birthday that will make him a man, Todd unexpectedly stumbles upon a spot of complete silence.

Which is impossible.

Prentisstown has been lying to him.

And now he’s going to have to run

ask and answer

The Ask and the Answer

Fleeing before a relentless army, Todd has carried a desperately wounded Viola right into the hands of their worst enemy, Mayor Prentiss. Immediately separated from Viola and imprisoned, Todd is forced to learn the ways of the Mayor’s new order.

But what secrets are hiding just outside of town? And where is Viola? Is she even still alive? And who are the mysterious Answer?

And then, one day, the bombs begin to explode…

The Ask and the Answer is a tense, shocking and deeply moving novel of resistance under the most extreme pressure

If you love exciting, challenging science fiction books, these are for you! Patrick Ness is a clever writer and the one thing I love about him is that anything goes and things are not dumbed down or softened for the young adult audience. He treats them with respect and believes in their ability to understand situations of war, hardship and violence.   Readings.

For more about Patrick Ness and his books, visit the following websites:

Patrick Ness Homepage

Walker Books


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