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Love Aubrey – Suzanne LaFluer


Love Aubrey by Suzanne LaFluer

At the start of this novel, Aubrey is completely alone in her house, living on crackers and cheese, with only her new pet goldfish for company. Days later, Gram turns up on the doorstep, concerned that no one is answering the phone. It doesn’t take Gram long to realise that Aubrey has been abandoned by her mother, and readers soon work out that, before Aubrey’s mother’s disappearance, something terrible happened to Aubrey’s father and sister; something Aubrey can bearly think about, let alone talk about. Aubrey leaves to go to Gram’s house in Vermont, where she slowly begins to come to terms with the loss of her family through the friendship and love of her grandmother, the new neighbours and a school counsellor, and by writing letters.


This is a heart-breaking novel about coping with grief, but it’s also funny in parts and full of touching bravery and hope. Aubrey’s relationships with family and friends are brilliantly drawn and I loved the way she gradually opened up in her letters and to Bridget and Gram, until she managed to say the things she’d been stifling for a long time.

Memorable, and highly recommended to fans of realistic and moving fiction.



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